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We leverage Federal Consumer Protection Laws, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to dispute the items on your credit reports with the credit reporting agencies. The FCRA states that every item that is on your credit report must be reported 100% accurately, be 100% verifiable, and be 100% timely. If not, they cannot be reported and must be removed. The good news is that according to a report released by the Federal Trade Commission, almost 80% of credit reports contain inaccurate reported accounts or accounts that cannot be verified in them.

We help guide you apply for new credit when you’re ready. We make sure to let you know exactly when to apply and what to apply for so that you are only applying for accounts that we know for sure you’ll be getting approved for. These new accounts will help boost your credit scores and the overall health of your credit profile.

This is extremely unlikely to happen. However, in the event it does happen we will refund you your entire enrollment fee that you paid to get started and you wouldn’t be charged a penny for our services since we only bill you after an item is removed from your credit report. We would still offer you guidance in applying for new positive accounts that would help you improve your overall credit picture.

We require that you keep your credit monitoring account active for the duration of our program which typically lasts 3-4 months. While we are working on repairing your credit, you are required to keep the monitoring account active. Once we are done or you no longer want us to continue working, you can go ahead and cancel your credit monitoring account if you’d like.

Our average client is in our program for about 3-4 months. Remember, we don’t charge any ongoing monthly fees so we have ZERO interest in keeping you in our program for a long period of time. We only charge you for results so we are highly motivated to get you as many results as fast possible.

If we’re being honest with each other, you have nothing to lose other than an opportunity to hopefully improve your credit 🙂 Worst case scenario, you sign up and pay your enrollment fee, we work on your credit for at least 90 days and nothing is removed from your credit report, we refund your enrollment fee and financially you lost nothing.

What Happens After You Enroll?

Credit Monitoring

Once you click on submit you will be redirected to the credit monitoring website so you can create your credit monitoring account. (For Joint Enrollments make sure you each sign up for your own monitoring account.)

Schedule Your Consultation

You will also receive an email with the link to schedule your consultation with one of our credit specialists where we will go over your entire credit report with you line by line and answer any questions you may have.

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